Why We Stand..


Sep 26, 2017
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Speaking with my family today, I asked my daughters why do we Stand for the National Anthem. It’s a sobering question considering the fact that today’s youth aren’t taught respect in our schools and classroom’s anymore. We stand for many reasons when the National Anthem is played. But most importantly, we stand for them.

Who is them you might ask? Them could be referring to my little cousin who spent six years in the Marine Corps. It could be referring to my older cousin who spent 12+ years, and many in Special Forces. Could it be my best friend and 10 year Army Veteran Josh Flippo? Them means many who have served. For those who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice, it means everything to this Great Nation!

We stand because so many right now are abroad protecting what that Flag stands for. It stands for Liberty.. It stands for Freedom.. It stands for the last Free hope on this earth. If America is to fall, where will people turn in our World to look for examples of Freedom? America is the last shining beacon of Freedom and Hope in the World. If America falls, it’s not something many of us even want to think about.

I stand for them! I stand for the Army Ranger in the desserts of Afghanistan! I stand for the Coast Guardsmen doing rescues during a Hurricane. I stand for the Delta Force Team that’s doing work to ensure Freedom that no one can even talk about. I stand for every Navy Seal who’s given that Ultimate Sacrifice. I stand for them all! Because without all of them, there is none of us, or this. Think about that tonight when you go to sleep. Say a prayer for all of those serving so that you can be free and live the American Dream.


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  1. So eloquently wrote! The majority of us feel this way and those who don’t should! Enough said! Thanks for sharing!

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