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August 21, 2017


Matt Couch


I’ve had a lot of people ask recently “Matt, who’s your Team” I assume everyone follows on Twitter of course. However as I learn some folks are not daily followers, but sporadic followers. So I’ve decided to write this short blog and introduce America to our amazing team. (The ones I can mention of course 🙂

Eddie Graham – Eddie like Flynn is an expert information gatherer and finder. These two can find anyone and everyone. Trust me, you don’t want them looking for you or what you’ve been doing. @Eddie_Graham23 on Twitter. 

Bill Pierce – Our Licensed Private Investigator, 23 years as a PI in multiple States. Currently Licensed in multiple States. Bill is our go to for verification and nailing something to the Wall. He’s our resident Grandfather, and Bad ass. Follow him @therealbp65 on Twitter and Periscope 

Josh Flippo – Josh is a Veteran of the United States Army, with 4 different tours to Iraq and Afghanistan in 10 years. Josh also has a day job where he builds things (I’ll leave it at that) Josh is as tough as they come, and works not only security wise but information gathering for our team. Thank You Josh for your service, and for being a part of this amazing team. @jflippo1327 on Twitter. 

Hannibal Moot – Known as the Moot. Hannibal is the Editor and Founder of The Bull Truth Magazine Online. He’s savvy, slick and sophisticated for the Ladies. He’s also a master of getting people to talk and putting out 100% factual stories on American Politics. The Moot is a vital piece of our team. Follow on Twitter @HannibalMoot 

Matt Couch – Last, and probably least you have me. A guy with a Face for Radio. I Spent about two decades doing Sports Talk and ESPN Radio in Arkansas, and spent sometime on Satellite Radio as well. I’ve ran chains of Retail stores and am currently a Sales Executive in my current field. I’ve always followed Politics, and took to it full time in March of 2015, and here we are America. Investigating murders, and reporting the Truth and Corruption of the American Political System. I’m @RealMattCouch on Twitter and Periscope. And a few other places 🙂 

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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