YUGE! Wisconsin Board Tied 3-3 on Recount Rules, Dems Attempt to Manipulate Recount Fails as Trump Campaign Gets BIG WIN!

The Wisconsin Elections Commission board tied 3-3 on changing the rules for the recount late Wednesday night, and now after a victory in Michigan Democrats are in full blown panic mode.

Now they can’t change the rules because they don’t have a majority. Essentially the Dems tried to for a better word to C*ckblock the Trump Campaign by making it harder to audit the vote, and they failed.

On this night the Kraken released was fiery GOO board members Bob Spindell and Dean Knutson who can be seen in Jack Posobiec’s video below unloading on fellow commission members.

Posobiec added this fiery tweet as well.

Look what happened tonight.

@BobSpindell, @deanknudson and the 2 officials in Wayne County actually stood up the to mob and changed the entire game

Show the Republicans how it’s done


What a night for the Trump Campaign, major victories in multiple states. Let’s hope the trend continues tomorrow.

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1 year ago

There is no Wayne County Wisconsin. Some bad news writers wrote “Wayne County, Wisconsin” but really meant “Wayne County, Michigan. There is something going on in WI, but that isn’t it. I don’t believe the bottom part of this story is relevant to the Wisconsin Elections Committee.

Gene Defouw
Gene Defouw
1 year ago

Stupid Wayne County Michigan Republican board members believed the
democrats that they would do an audit to get them to approve the vote. Then when they approved the vote, they were told the Democrats had NO intention of doing any vote Audit. You never agree to change your vote on a democrats promise to do something. They lie!!!!!! That’s why the vote is what it is – all a lie!