YIKES! Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steve Schmidt RESIGNS Amid Growing Sexual Abuse Scandal

It’s always those that seem to smear others and attack others that are actually the ones doing the bad deeds behind closed doors, isn’t it?

Embattled Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steve Schmidt has officially resigned from the group late Friday evening amid growing sexual abuse allegations.

The resignation comes amid a wave of multiple damaging stories for the Lincoln Project.

One of other co-founders of The Lincoln Project John Weaver, used offers of professional advancement in a series of attempts to solicit sex from young men.

The New York Times of all people reported in January allegations from 21 men that John Weaver, the other co founder of The Lincoln Project had sent them unsolicited and sexually explicit and charged messages. One of the men was only 14 years old at the time, according to the Times report.

Multiple people have reportedly been contacted by federal law enforcement regarding the alleged conduct. The Lincoln Project said it has hired an external law firm to conduct an investigation into the matter.

The Associated Press even reported that the majority of the $90 million that the Lincoln Project raised was paid to consulting firms timed to the groups founders and senior staff.

Thursday afternoon, the groups official Twitter account tweeted screenshots between former senior staffer and a reporter writing a story on the group. Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway stated that the disclosures may have been illegal.

Today is another damning day as the Lincoln Project reels from constant allegations of financial and sexual abuse. This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

Thanks to our friends at Axios for contributing to this article.

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