YIKES: KFC Customer Finds Fried Chicken Head Inside Her Box of Hot Wings

A woman in Twickenham, England, by the name of Gabrielle, says she found a Fried Chicken head inside her box of hot wings from KFC.

Gabrielle posted a photo of the disturbing finding with her review on JustEast.

She gave the location a two star rating, writing “I found a fried chicken headin my hot wings meal. Put me off the rest of my meal, urgh.”

Now I’m shocked she gave them a 2 star rating after finding a real fried chicken head, seems kind in all honesty.

The photo shows the cooked head with the beak still attached.

KFC officials have been in touch with Gabrielle. They say they are “baffled” by the head ending up in the chicken box and are committed to ensuring that an incident such as this never happens again.

“Put simply, we serve real chicken, and we’re proud of that. But this has clearly slipped through the strict processes and checks in place with our suppliers, partners, and teams, who freshly prepare everything in our restaurants,” KFC said in a statement to The Sun.

The company has compensated Gabrielle by offering her free food, which she accepted following her traumatizing meal. To ease her worries of coming across more chicken heads, the company has invitedGabrielle and her family inside one of their restaurants to see how their food is prepared before it is served to them. 

Since the incident, there have been no more reported incidents of anyone finding fried chicken heads. This looks like just a one off, which happens when you’re slinging as much chicken as KFC.

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1 year ago

OK, the employee that put this in the fryer didn’t notice. The employee who took it out of the bin to put it into the box to sell the woman didn’t notice? Are these people stupid? Is she lying? The photo indicates otherwise. Is this just twisted and sick humor from England? It does make you wonder. I stopped eating KFC decades ago when I noticed that most of their chicken was not fully cooked.