YIKES: FBI Requests Interview with Biden Whistleblower Bobulinski, and He Accepted!

Thursday was a whirlwind in terms of revelations surrounding allegations of massive corruption and potentially illegal activity involving Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and other members of the family.

The new information built upon previous reporting, first by the New York Post, that a trove of information including emails, photos, and other materials was discovered on a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware last year.

As he was downloading the material, shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac saw a lot that disturbed him – including content that suggested illegal (and disgusting) behavior. Isaac made numerous copies of the data on the laptop’s hard drive, and eventually, the computer found its way to the FBI in December of last year, while copies made their way to friends and presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani (and then the Post).

As we reported, ex-Biden associate Tony Bobulinski confirmed a lot of what had been reported by the Post and subsequent media outlets even as Biden’s surrogates at the big tech platforms and the ‘mainstream media’ either censored the revelations or claimed, falsely, that the materials were part of a “Russian disinformation campaign” (U.S. intelligence officials and the FBI have all shot that down).

During a press conference Thursday, just hours ahead of the final presidential debate, Bobulinski – not a political guy – dropped another bombshell: He said he was preparing to hand over all of the materials he has, much of it in the form of electronic communications on three cell phones, to the bureau.

And on Friday, news broke that Bobulinski will sit later in the day for an interview with FBI officials who are, reports have said, investigating Hunter Biden (and possibly Joe Biden) in connection with an alleged money-laundering scheme. 

“NOW: @SenRonJohnson statement Bobulinski/FBI interview request READ: WASHINGTON — This morning lawyers for Tony Bobulinski informed the Senate Homeland Security + Governmental Affairs Committee + Senate Finance Committee that the FBI asked his client to sit for an interview today in addition to providing copies of his phones,” CBS News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge reported via Twitter Friday morning.

“Consequently, the interview scheduled for this morning has been postponed. Mr. Bobulinski has agreed to honor his commitment to sit for an interview in the near future with the Committees. ‘I appreciate that the FBI has a job to do, I am glad they are finally taking an interest in these concerning financial matters our Committees have been investigating for months,’ Johnson said ‘I expect Mr. Bobulinski will speak with our committee’ + ‘fully share his insights into the Biden family’s business dealings,” she added in subsequent tweets.

What did Bobulinski already confirm? 

“So to sum up, we have a former business partner of Joe and Hunter Biden saying on the record and on camera that Joe Biden has lied about his involvement in Chinese business partnerships and the media are telling us this is not a real news story,” The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway tweeted. 

Watch his press conference here:

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michael redwine
michael redwine
1 year ago

Over the last few decades, the American people have been too busy living there lives too pay much attention to the corruption of our government. Everyone knows it’s corrupt but the general consensus was… “What can we do about it when THEY control who we can vote for?” Then Trump came along and effed it all up for the establishment. After four years of constant lies and allegations against Trump, the American people have awoken to see that THIS IS FINALLY OUR CHANCE TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! The PATRIOTS of this country are LEGION. We FAR out number the… Read more »

Major Kalhoun
Major Kalhoun
1 year ago

As long as Wray is there at the FBI, the Communist Demo☭rats will never be charged with criminal acts. Wray has excelled at providing cover.

1 year ago

It’s about time that the FBI does a real investigation of the corruption of the government officials. They pretty much lost all credibility since President Trump got in the White House. We’ll see how it goes!