WWE Legend Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Returning to Monday Night Raw as Announcer

According to the King, Jerry Lawler is returning to Monday nights for the WWE. A huge move as competitor AEW has a stacked announce team with legendary broadcasters Jim Ross and Tony Shiavone.

Lawyer revealed the news on the latest episode of RAW Talk, saying that he will be filling in for Corey Graves while he takes time off for his wedding.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Lawler said in regards to stepping back into the commentary role. “I’m going to be back behind the announcer’s table on Monday Night RAW because that idiot Corey Graves is getting married!

“Guys, let’s face it. You’ve seen trophy wives like Carmella before,” Lawler added. “I asked Corey, I asked one question, ‘Can you make more money than she can spend?’” [shrugs]

Lawler did not elaborate as to how long he will be back on commentary, but RAW Talk co-host Jackie Redmond mentioned Lawler would be back for “the next couple of weeks.”

According to a report from PWInsider.comLawler re-signed with WWE in December. At the time, it was noted that Lawler’s original deal was set to expire by the end of the year, but the two sides came to an agreement to extend his tenure with the company.

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