WTH: Tyrannical Canadian Government Pushing Bill for PRE-CRIMES Like in the Movie ‘Minority Report’

That’s right, just when you thought that the tyrannical Canadian government couldn’t get any worse, there’s now a “hold my beer” moment.

According to LuLu Cheng Meservey a reporter on Substack, the Canadian government has proposed legislation in Bill C-36 where people can be taken to court and penalized if they’re suspected of being ABOUT TO post something hateful online.

That’s right, just like in that movie “Minority Report,” You can’t make this crap up anymore.

An individual would be able to report another PREEMPTIVELY for something they haven’t even said yet. Show me you’re a tyrant without saying it comes to mind here.

Alarming aspects, in ascending order:

1) Fuzzy and circular definition of “hateful” speech (“involves detestation…stronger than dislike”)

2) Encouraging citizens to report on one another — creepy

3) The ability to punish people for something they haven’t actually done yet (!)

While this legislation hasn’t been passed so far, it’s noteworthy that it was proposed at all, and the people who did so are currently in power.

The bill is here: https://parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/43-2/bill/C-36/first-reading#ID0ECCBA… The key part is after “The Act is amended by adding the following after section 810.‍011…”

Under this bill, if a person were found guilty, a judge could order the accused individual to enter into recognizance to be “of good behavior” for up to 12 or 24 months (for a repeat offender). If the person refuses, the judge could order them to: – provide “a sample of a bodily substance” at regular intervals or on demand – “return to and remain at their place of residence at specified times” – “wear an electronic monitoring device, if the Attorney General makes that request” – avoid people/places decided by the judge

Coming soon to an American legislator near you if something doesn’t change fast in the United States.

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