WTH: Stacey Abrams Believes Being Pro-Choice is a Part of her Faith: ‘You Protect the Vulnerable and You Wrap Them in Your Love’ (VIDEO)

The insane radical and woke Stacey Abrams says that she believes being “pro choice” is part of her religion. What religion? Murdering babies shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s religion Stacey!

Can you imagine saying to your pastor that slaughtering babies in the womb was part of your faith?

Abrams of course took to social media to share a video last month where she said that “the decision to be pro-choice is exactly part of my faith. I cannot strike down another person’s rights simply because I don’t agree.”

The same Stacey Abrams that came out in support of vaccine mandates. It’s only My Body My Choice when it appeals to what they are shoveling. What they’re shoveling smells like an ass sandwich America.

She supports forcing people who disagree with taking the experimental jabs for Covid, but when it comes to abortion, that’s a right. Really Stacey?

“Vaccine mandates for vulnerable populations that are being served by public leaders absolutely should make sense,” Abrams said during a Zoom interview in December 2021. “We should not have people in our nursing homes and in our hospitals who infecting the people they are there to serve. We also need to do a better job of addressing vaccine hesitancy.”

This woman is a mental midget and has some real issues. While talking about the practice that kills an unborn baby in the womb, Abrams said “you protect the vulnerable and you wrap them in your love.”

So abortion is the same thing as wrapping the vulnerable in your love Stacey? What kind of love is that exactly?

Abrams is running against Republican Incumbent and Trump Nemesis Brian Kemp in Georgia, where she lost her bid to him in 2018. God help us if this woman becomes governor of Georgia. Kemp’s not perfect, but he’s not this clown!

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