WTH: Minneapolis City Council Defunds the Police, Then Votes Themselves Private Security Details

The old saying what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Well that doesn’t really apply to the City Council in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minneapolis City Council members who pressed hard to defund police have now turned around and voted themselves a private security detail that costs taxpayers roughly $4,500 a day. They’ve spent $63,000 so far Fox News reported.

Just when you thought the hypocrisy in Minneapolis couldn’t get any worse, it absolutely does. They’ve literally said to the residents “you don’t matter.”

The best part about all of this? The Minneapolis tax payers are footing the bill for this group of dunces private security detail.

“The names of the people getting security details are not public,” according to a spokesperson for the city, speaking to Fox News. Wait a minute, you mean they’re going to use tax payer money and not tell you where it’s going? Say it isn’t so Baba Looey.

According to the spineless City Council members, they received death threats after defunding the police. Isn’t it amazing how liberals always do the opposite of what they say?

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2 years ago

Typical DimLib behavior.

2 years ago

The Minneapolis city “rulers” must be prosecuted, convicted, and forced to pay reparations for the damages, pain, and suffering caused by their illegal, as well as immoral actions in dereliction of their duties as sworn elected officials. Leadership is not about fancy houses in gated communities!

2 years ago

The question is…Are the voters soooo woke that they will vote these loons back in.?