WOW! Warren Calls Border Crisis Fake, Says Trump Supporters are Racist

The hypocrisy and name calling of the left is out of control. Warren took shots about the border crisis being fake.

Elizabeth Warren says “We call out racism, we call out hatred wherever it exists, and we say we’re not going to be part of it.”

Okay Liz, I’ll bite, I agree with that. You know what else I want to call out. FAKE racism like Jussie Smollett, Covington, and everything else that the media and the democrats continue to make up.

“We’re not gonna build a wall that is a monument to hate and division. That’s what that’s really about, that’s not about border security this security issue that he’s raising, this emergency at the border is fake.”

That’s interesting Senator Warren, is it fake to all of those who’ve had a loved one murdered by an Illegal Immigrant?

“The whole point of that wall is to get his folks stirred up around the notion of hate.”

And there you have it America, she just called every Trump supporter a racist. So the whole point of the wall is to get “his folks stirred up around the notion of hate.”

If you’re not calling myself or 65+ Million Americans a racist, I’d love for you to explain yourself Senator. Absolutely a disgrace to the Senate and our nation with those remarks.

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