WOW! Vogue Magazine Snubs First Lady Melania Trump

Yet another political snub was aimed at First Lady Melania Trump recently when the editor of the fashion magazine Vogue implied that the first lady isn’t a leader, nor a fashion icon, nor supports causes that the magazine agrees with.

Just look at the outrageous comments she made in a recent CNN interview.

As reported by Express:

“After the defeat of Secretary Clinton in 2016, we believe that women should have a leadership position and we intend to support them.”

The famous fashion magazine recently featured Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris as it continued the trend of Democratic figures to be photographed on the front cover.

Moreover, Stormy Daniels was also on Vogue’s front cover last October while former First Lady Michelle Obama received particular praise from Ms Wintour.

So these folks at Vogue will feature Stormy Daniels and Michelle Obama, and not Melania Trump? Absolutely sickening bias.

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