WOW: Video From Inside Classroom at Michigan School Shooting, Shows Students Refusing to Open Door for Apparent Shooter Who Was Identifying Himself as Sheriff’s Deputy

An insane video has emerged that shows students from Oxford High School in Michigan refusing to open the door for the active shooter who was pretending to be a Sheriff’s Deputy.

These students were level headed, smart, and brave, and did the exact right thing.

You can watch the full video below. America should be proud of our youth in this situation, they were so brave, and handled this exactly the right way.

“We’re not willing to take that risk right now,” one of the brave students says as the apparent shooter says “Bro, open my door and look at my badge.”


The following is the initial statement from the Oakland County Sheriff Office: “We responded to an active shooter at Oxford High School in Oxford Township at 12:55PM today. We have one suspected shooter in custody along with a handgun. We do not believe there are any other at this time. There are multiple victims (4-6). No confirmed fatal shooting victims at this time. News media can stage in the parking lot across the street from the Meijer next to McDonald’s at 655 N. Lapeer Rd.”

“We are still doing a secondary search of the school for any further victims. All evacuated students will be located at the Meijer store for reunification with parents or relatives.”

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Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia
1 year ago

This very thing is why teachers / coaches carried at my kid’s private school. It’s why they did active shooter scenarios with the local PD. Our kids were very safe.

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Matilda McCarthy
1 year ago

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