WOW: Trump Campaign Hauls in Over $5 Million on Day of Impeachment

The left has created a monster with the silent majority and hard working American’s that just can no longer be overlooked. The middle America flyover states have had enough of the Democrat party.

President Trump’s Campaign took in over $5 million in donations on Wednesday, the same day the Democrat lead House of Representatives voted to Impeach him.

Brad Parscale, the President’s 2020 campaign manager made the announcement on Thursday morning.

“[Trump] has raised over [$5 million] (still growing) today as Americans use their wallet to show support against Pelosi’s impeachment hoax!” he added.

The Republican party is flourishing as well, as officials told Fox News they have the most cash on hand since 2012.

All Republicans and two Democrats voted No on Impeachment Wednesday night. Democrat presidential candidate Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was spineless and just voted present. She refused to take a stance on the matter.

A sleeping giant has been woken with hard working, blue collar Americans. The race for 2020 starts now.

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