WOW: Truck With Supplies for RIOTERS Seized by Law Enforcement & Federal Officers in Kenosha

It’s good to see law enforcement doing what they were intended to do, and sometimes my friends you have to cut off the head of the snake in order to stop it.

A U-Haul truck loaded with supplies for protesters and mainly rioters in Kenosha was seized by police or federal agents Wednesday, and the two people inside were arrested.

The Milwaukee church that sent the supplies said it hasn’t been given an explanation, so WISN 12 News asked the Kenosha police chief Friday why their $1,000 worth of food, snacks and drinks destined for protesters was intercepted.

Now why would someone be sending supplies to support groups causing anarchy and chaos?

Anyone supporting this insanity, or claiming that Jacob Blake was a victim have zero common sense. The fact that the NBA and MLB are playing the victim card and continue to fuel this insanity is beyond absurd.

“We happily loaded it up with what we had,” said the Rev. Jonah Overton, of Zao MKE Church.

Overton took WISN 12 News inside what they call their supply depot for protests at their church near UW-Milwaukee.

“Those were the types of things in the U-Haul: snacks, water, Gatorade, Band-Aids, fire extinguishers,” Overton said.

“And you don’t have that stuff back yet,” WISN 12 News reporter Nick Bohr asked.

“No, we don’t have it back, and we have no word that we might ever get it back,” Overton said.

The church has been collecting supplies for protesters for months. Pastors said this is the first time they’ve ever been confiscated.

When WISN 12 News questioned the Kenosha police chief Friday afternoon, he said he didn’t know about it.

“I’m not aware of that incident,” Chief Daniel G. Miskinis said.

This is a developing story, but I sure would like to know why anyone would want to continue to fuel the likes of Antifa or Black Lives Matter as they continue to wreck havoc in the small town of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

You can read more on this story over at WISN.

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Marilyn Curtis
Marilyn Curtis
2 years ago

I’d e interested in finding out more from the drive and the other person arrested that had the supplies. The person interviewed from the church only knew them by first name? there is definitely more to this and I have been waiting for someone to report about the line of command from the ones in the action to the ones organizing the actions. This would go all the way up to the globalists sending this anarchy across our nation.

pissing on niggers
pissing on niggers
2 years ago

that shithole pastor must be a cunt

Lina Eyer
Lina Eyer
2 years ago

Well it’s like this Rev…you are aiding & abetting the enemy of the state. They’ve turned you commie & you don’t even know it.