WOW: Top Democrat Says ‘Hang Him’ in Regards to President Trump (VIDEO)

This is absolutely disgusting America.

The 3rd highest ranking Democrat member of the House of Representatives just went on CNN this morning to speak about the sham Impeachment of President Trump.

Congressman James Clyburn said the unthinkable today, after ZERO evidence of a crime was presented in the most disgraceful and partisan Impeachment in our nation’s history.

Rep Clyburn says “Let’s give him a fair trial… & hang him”

If James Clyburn were a Republican talking about Barack Obama, the House would already have a vote going on to Impeach him after making these remarks.

Clyburn also added that it’s “not fair going to the Senate when the outcome is already predetermined.”

You mean like the House of Representatives just did? The double standard is blind and out of control with the left. Watch the INSANE video below.

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