WOW! Republican Candidate in Rhode Island Garnering 24% of Democrat Votes STUNS Pelosi

Republican candidate Allan Fung is in a position to win a congressional race in Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional district. If he could accomplish this feat, it would be the first time since 1992 the GOP would hold a seat in Rhode Island. 

Fung is leading Democrat contender Seth Magaziner in this congressional district race. The Republican Party has put Speaker Nancy Pelosi on notice. If the GOP wins this seat, we may see a bigger red wave than many thought possible.

12 News political analyst Joe Fleming conducted a poll that spells doom for Pelosi because the GOP candidate has the support of 24% of Democrats in the district. Yes, 24%.

Fleming said, “The balance of Congress is at stake. They don’t know what is going to happen nationally, we think the Republicans are going to control Congress, but who knows? This could be a crucial seat in the end.

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Seth Magaziner may be looking at the numbers and saying, “I can do things over the next four weeks to get Democratic voters to come back home to me, and it’s still relatively close.”

The cellphone and landline interview poll was conducted from September 29 through October 2 by Fleming & Associates of Cumberland, R.I. The survey has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus approximately 6.2 percentage points in the 2nd District. Fleming has been conducting polls for WPRI since 1984.

WPRI reported, “The poll shows Fung’s lead is built in part on his outsized strength with Democrats, 24% of whom are backing him.”

Fleming continued, “If he can hold onto that he’s going to be in a decent position, because normally Republicans don’t get a quarter of the Democratic vote.”

By contrast, Magaziner is only supported by 63% of Democrats in the poll, and he is trailing Fung among Independents 47% to 36%.

Fleming also said, “Yet those numbers may also present an opportunity for Magaziner’s campaign.”

The survey finds that the rising cost of living is by far the single biggest issue in this year’s election for the largest bloc of 2nd District voters, named by 42% of poll respondents.

Fung and the Republicans have focused their messaging heavily on economic issues. 

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Fung and Magaziner are battling to succeed outgoing Democrat Jim Langevin, who has represented the 2nd District for 22 years but unexpectedly announced his retirement in January. Fung, a former Cranston mayor and two-time gubernatorial nominee, is seen by House Republican leaders as one of their top recruits.

The contest is drawing national attention not only because of how rare it is for a Republican to be leading a race for federal office in Southern New England, but also because the GOP needs to pick up just a few seats around the country in order to take control of the House from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats.

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