WOW: Project Veritas Drops ABC Anchor Talking Epstein Cover Up, Mentions Clinton

Well Well Well..

Project Veritas has dropped a bombshell on ABC News with a hot mic as one of their main anchors talks about the Epstein cover up.

It’s not the cover up of the murder, but the cover up of the story itself.

BREAKING: @abcnews anchor @arobach caught on ‘hot mic’ in August disgustedly exposing networks decision to strategically spike bombshell investigation into Jefferey Esptein over THREE YEARS AGO. -James O’Keefe

Watch the full video below.

The mentions of the Royal family threatening them as well as the mention of “We had Clinton” are definitely intriguing to say the least.

This is a developing story.

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James Brandon Johnson
James Brandon Johnson
3 years ago

People are saying,Get her protection! I’m not saying I disagree,what I am saying is by watching this video,she’s not really that disgusted over the 3 years these pedophiles,Got to ruin more children’s lives!She’s mad because,She didn’t get the scoop? In her own words, she is so pissed because she had it. Justice department needs to go to ABC News, get all relevant info,whether it’s computers ,hard drives,thumb drives,pictures,papers,All that they have on this and continue the case!Just because he is dead, doesn’t mean the other Pedos get away with it!The kids that lost their childhood,by these sickos! They should air… Read more »