WOW: Outsiders with USBs and VCards Were Allowed in Pennsylvania Counting Areas with No Observers Present

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that an IT expert has informed them that Outsiders with USBs and VCards were allowed in the state of Pennsylvania counting areas with no observers present.

The following is from The Gateway Pundit:

One IT system expert told us that he never would have approved the Dominion system for use. It is that bad. Another IT expert provided a review of Dominion based on a vendor user guide he obtained.

After reviewing the Dominion Voting System user manual, it seems the local IT guy who services the machines is theoretically the ultimate political gatekeeper. He has absolute power to decide elections.

This evening another IT expert noted that one of the complaints of the Trump lawsuit in Pennsylvania is the following:

This is just very suspicious that the mainstream media refuses to report on this.

You can read more from our friends at The Gateway Pundit.

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