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WOW: Omar Says U.S. ‘Helped Lead the Devastation in Venezuela’ (VIDEO)

I feel like every few days that we’re writing a story about angry antisemitic, anti-American Ilhan Omar. I think to myself, it has to end, she can’t keep this going.

Every time I say that, it seriously gets worse. Maybe I’m to blame? Perhaps she’s taking this as a challenge?

The radical congresswoman from Minnesota now says that the U.S. has “helped lead the devastation in Venezuela,” and accuses the U.S. of “bullying” the Maduro regime.

Omar goes on to say that America’s foreign policy around the world have “Pushed for policies that not only in Central America but around the world have hurt people for decades.”

Does she realize she’s supposed to be American, and represents America? She does, and she doesn’t care. She hates America.

She constantly lies, twists the facts, criticizes the duly-elected government, expresses Antisemitism, she’s pro-terror, she blames the United States for the world’s problems. She’s truly a danger to our Republic.

What are your thoughts on Omar?

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David Reid
David Reid
1 year ago

She must be smoking crack too as well as being a Jew hating racist/.

Aaron Prince
Aaron Prince
1 year ago


1 year ago

She is a MORON! Worse, she’s a TREASONOUS moron!!

Fran aka Lindsey
1 year ago

Red-Green Axis. She has a mission and we all know what that is!

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