WOW: Omar Claims US and Israel Aren’t Allies (VIDEO)

The radical antisemites of the left are at it again. This time claiming that the two nations are not friendly with each other.

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar claims that the United States and Israel are not an ally of each other. She also claims that Israel is not a Democracy.

Omar and Tlaib were both kept from going to Israel after they strayed from a congressional delegation and wanted to visit on their own merits.

Here’s what the mainstream media isn’t telling you. Both Tlaib and Omar had no intentions of visiting with anyone from the Israeli Government.

In fact they were only planning to meet with members of the Palestinian Authority and didn’t even have one member of Israel’s government on their list to visit. Not one!

Their trip was also sponsored by a group that’s no for supporting terrorism against Israel, Miftah.

Miftah is an Arabic name for boys that means “one who guides others to the right path”. It also means “key”

That group, named Miftah, has a long record of anti-Israel rhetoric that includes downplaying attacks on Israelis and even describing suicide bombers as “sacrificing their lives for the cause.”

Meanwhile they’re spewing nonsense claiming that Israel and the United States aren’t allies. Even going as far as far as to say the Jewish Nation isn’t a democracy.

You can watch the hypocrisy for yourself below.

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