WOW: Newsmax to MANDATE Vaccines to All Employees

Newsmax, one of the top conservative mainstream media outlets in America, said it now plans to mandate coronavirus vaccine requirements for its employees.

According to Mediate, which obtained a copy of an internal email sent to employees, Newsmax told personnel they have to be fully vaccinated by January 4 or subject themselves to weekly testing.

According to the email, the company noted they are implementing the mandate due to OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration rules.

“To ensure that we are in compliance, we require that all vaccinated employees submit a copy of their vaccination card,” the email informed staff.

On Thursday night, Newsmax host Steve Cortes notably railed against mandates — calling them an example of “dictatorial rule” under President Joe Biden.

“There is zero, and I mean zero, moral or ethical obligation for anyone to be compelled to get vaccinated,” Cortes said. He added that mandates are “insane workplace discrimination.”

Multiple Republican states Attorney Generals are firing back and have filed lawsuits against the Biden administration, and a federal appeals court has halted the vaccine mandate over the weekend.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said:

“Its unlawful mandate will cause injuries and hardship to working families, inflict economic disruption and staffing shortages on the States and private employers, and impose even greater strains on struggling labor markets and supply chains,” the attorneys general said in a lawsuit led by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge also filed suit against the Biden White House on Friday, and put out this video.

One things for sure, conservatives are not happy about Newsmax mandating the vaccine, what are your thoughts America?

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