WOW: NBC News Says Trump Winner of First Democratic Debate

You know it’s bad for the left when NBC News puts out an article saying that the winner of the first Democratic debate was President Donald J. Trump.

According to NBC:

“The Republican Commander in Chief emerged from the scrap largely unscathed, while several of his would-be-rivals took aim at each other instead.”

The network also claims that President Trump was the “chief beneficiary” of the candidates tearing each other apart.

Senator Elizabeth Warren had this to say in response to the lack of Trump talk.

“You can’t just make this all about Donald Trump,” she told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. “He’s an old show that people are getting tired of.”

In a nice way, they turned on each other, and dismantled each other, exactly what the Trump campaign was counting on.

What do you say folks, are you tired of President Trump? We’re not!

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Larry Bumgarner
3 years ago

Trump is like Les Misérables, he will be playing for decades if we are lucky.