WOW! Mueller Report Allegedly REDACTS Clinton Lewinsky Conversations

On page 109 of the Mueller Report is a claim that Russians intercepted a call between Bill Clinton and Monica having phone sex together. The call was recorded in 1990 as Clinton was on Air Force 1.

That means the Russians knew about the affair before the American people, if true. It was found in a section denoting contact between Jared Kushner and  Dmitri Simes, the CEO of the Center for the National Interest, which the Mueller team says has “connections to the Russian government.

Simes claims he got the information about the audio recording from former CIA and Reagan White House official Fritz Ermarth.

From The Gateway Pundit

Ermarth said he thinks he told Simes that “the Clinton-Lewinsky phone call was intercepted while the president was traveling on Air Force One, but that detail is believed to not have been conveyed to Kushner or included in the report,” the Examiner wrote.

Ermarth, 78, a 25-year CIA veteran and chairman of the National Intelligence Council from 1988 to 1993, said he was concerned with the wording in the report. He said the report inaccurately suggests he mishandled classified information, when in fact he used public sourcing.

“The line in the Mueller report that says any of this was based on intelligence information is the product either of faulty remembering by Dimitri or a flawed inference … or a hostile fabrication by the Mueller people,” Ermarth said. “[The report wording] implies my misuse of intelligence or use of intelligence that is classified in this context. And that is completely false.”

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