WOW: Minnesota Now Offering $200 Gift Cards For Families Who Get Their 5-11 Year-Olds Vaccinated

In the insanity of this out of control power grab, the state of Minnesota is now offering the unthinkable to get parents to jab their children.

Even though children in the United States have a 99.995% chance of surviving Covid-19 and a study in the United Kingdom shows there is only a 2 in a million chance the disease will be fatal in children, the state of Minnesota is offering incentives for parents to get their kids vaccinated.

The State of Minnesota, which is a mix of rural farmers and ranchers, and then radical leftists in cities like Minneapolis-Saint Paul, is more divided than ever.

Minnesota is now offering $200 gift cards for families, per child to get their 5-11 year-olds vaccinated with the experimental and unproven Covid vaccines.

A CDC panel raised concerns over vaccine-induced Myocarditis in children ages 5-11 who received the vaccine back in December.

A new incentive has been announced in an effort to get more children fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in Minnesota.

The following is from

On Tuesday, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said families who get their 5- to 11-year-old children fully vaccinated in January and February can get a $200 Visa gift card per child.

A new incentive has been announced in an effort to get more children fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in Minnesota.

However, in order to be eligible for the gift cards, the first and second doses must be administered between Jan. 1 and Feb. 28. Officials say families are able to receive one gift card for each eligible child who is vaccinated in that time frame.

Parents and guardians will be able to register their children once they have completed their two-dose series between 10 a.m. on Jan. 24 and 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 28. Gift card requests will be fulfilled throughout March of 2022, however, registrants are asked to allow up to six weeks after March 1 to receive the gift card in the mail.

The initiative is part of the “Kids Deserve a Shot” incentive program that is currently underway.

Walz also announced that, later this spring, drawings will be held for five $100,000 Minnesota college scholarships for all children ages 5-11 who are also fully vaccinated. While more details are expected in the next few months, officials say all Minnesotans in that age range who complete their first and second doses at any point in time will be eligible to enter the drawing.

What parent wouldn’t want $200 over the risk of giving your child an experimental vaccine which hasn’t been properly tested in children. Children’s vaccines normally take 5-7 years or longer for the trial runs, so let’s stop with the lies, shall we fact checkers?

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Tegan Dodd
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Carley Cordero
Carley Cordero
3 months ago

This is sick. And I bet the tax payers are paying for this crap.