WOW: Maxwell’s Lawyers Claim She Hadn’t Spoke to Epstein in a Decade, Plead for Her Release

The former business partner and madam of Jeffrey Epstein is now pleading for her release with the help of her attorneys.

Ghislaine Maxwell according to her attorneys claims she hadn’t spoken to Jeffrey Epstein in over a decade.

Her lawyers are begging for her to be released with a $5 million bail.

Her lawyers say that she “vigorously denies” all charges brought against her. Maxwell, now 58 years old seems to possibly be the actual brain child behind the Epstein saga as this story unfolds.

Maxwell’s request claims that she wasn’t “hiding” from authorities, has not left the US once since Epstein’s 2019 arrest and is not a flight risk. And if you believe that, I have some oceanfront property for you right here in the great state of Arkansas.

Her attorneys also argue that she is at risk of contracing COVID-19 if she continues to be held in the Brooklyn jail.

The filing comes just 8 days after federal authorities swooped on her luxury home in New Hampshire, where prosecutors say she was hiding out, and charged with luring underage girls to Epstein so he could sexually abuse them.

The filing of course also claims that she hasn’t been in contact with Epstein for over 10 years prior to his apparent suicide.

The filings are ludicrous as in a separate filing by one of Epstein’s accusers, which shows evidence of Maxwell and Epstein emailing each other as recently as 2015.

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