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WOW: Los Angeles & San Diego School Districts Will NOT Go Back to School This Fall, Will Teach Remotely

In more insane news, the Los Angeles and San Diego school districts have announced that they will not go back to school this fall, and will teach remotely until further notice.

What all does this mean? What does it mean for the parents that both work? Who will teach and feed their young children? This isn’t just a simple decision.

Statistics show that 1/5 abuse cases in the home are reported and found out by teachers. Statistics also show that 65% of all children with mental health issues get their care from the school systems themselves. So who’s really benefiting here?

I won’t even go into the statistics of how many kids only get full meals at school, it’s staggering in America. Many kids go hungry, which is why man schools stay open year round and serve breakfast and lunches for kids throughout the summer.

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Schools in California’s two largest districts — Los Angeles Unified and San Diego Unified — will not reopen for in-person learning when the school year begins next month, they announced Monday, saying that it would not be safe to do so while the coronavirus continues to spread.

Students in those districts will instead continue to learn at home, as they did for the final months of last school year. 

“Those countries that have managed to safely reopen schools have done so with declining infection rates and on-demand testing available. California has neither. The skyrocketing infection rates of the past few weeks make it clear the pandemic is not under control,” the two districts said in a joint statement.

L.A. Unified begins the new school year Aug. 18 and San Diego Unified begins on Aug. 31. The districts said they plan to return to in-person learning during the 2020-21 school year, “as soon as public health conditions allow.”

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4 months ago

The one and only way that any school anywhere should even just think to reopen would be if they have the Covid virus in that area totally and completely gone with no risk at all ever again. Otherwise any of those kids are at risk of picking it up from mom, dad, bro, sis or a friend who got it from somewhere else and then Jr. will be taking it to school to spread it there to only have it close down again. So LA and SD schools are doing the right thing. The Covid virus has to be contained… Read more »

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