WOW! Lenham Memorial Cross Survives Massive Field Fire That Scorched Ground All Around It

A massive field fire by the heatwave in the United Kingdom burned across acmes of land in the village of Lenham in Kent county, bu stopped at a giant cross that stands in the center of the field as a memorial for those killed in World War I.

As you can see from the photos, the field was charged and much of the ground ruined but it stopped right at the Lenham Cross that was made with chalk cut into the hillside in 1921.

Drone footage shows the aftermath of the fire caused by last month’s heatwave that left the massive cross untouched.

The memorial measures 61 meters by 21 meters, and is listed by the National Heritage List for England and is maintained by the Historic England Society.

It was supported by a memorial stone surrounded by iron railings at the base, and it records the names of the 42 Lenham villagers who died in World War 1, according to Kent Online.

Later, a second stone with the names of the 14 local men killed in World War II, was added.

In 1960, the dedicatory stones, which were originally at the foot of the cross, were moved to the north entrance of St. Mary’s Church in Lenham to enable surviving relatives of the men named on the stones to continue to visit as they were getting too old to climb up the hill.

During World War II the cross was covered so that it wouldn’t be identified as a marker by enemy German aircraft.

Back in 1983, the cross was renovated with 40 tonnes of chalk.

For decades this monument didn’t have any official recognition. Finally in 2017, Historic England registered the cross as a National Monument and War Memorial.

“The Cross is always one of the first places we show visitors, so it was a shock to find it was totally unregistered and virtually unknown outside of Lenham,” Parish councilor Mike Cockett was quoted as saying at the time.

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