WOW Jussie Smollett Refuses to Let Chicago PD Examine His Phone

This story just keeps getting more and more bizarre. As many of you know we were the first media group to bring you the plethora of anti Donald Trump texts from Jussie Smollett.

Now the story is getting more and more hard to believe. Smollett is refusing to show Chicago Police his cell phone, and the only link to what he claims happens is when he was on a call with his manager.

His manager it’s good to note just happens to manage one other client. This same manager represents rapper YG whose first single was ‘FDT’ (F**k Donald Trump).

Now why would you make that known, and then refuse to show your phone conversations? It’s becoming more and more apparent this wasn’t a well thought out story to begin with.

From the hate-filled racist tweets attacking President Trump, to not being able to verify his story, now not fully cooperating with Chicago Police. This story my friends is just getting started, and it’s already an out of control dumpster fire.

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