WOW! HBO’s Bill Maher Mocks Middle Americans

One big reason why the Democrats are never going to become an acceptable alternative to most of America – at least in their current incarnation – was on full display on the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” that aired on Friday.

The smarmy, sacrilegious Maher has come to exemplify his party and its contempt for working-class white Americans. It was this contempt for the “deplorables” that largely cost Hillary Clinton the presidency, with no place more so than the Rust Belt.

Ever since that lost election, the wealthy elitist snobs in Hollywood who were even bigger losers because they missed out on all of those swanky soirees at the Clinton White House that they would have been invited to have waged war on the rest of the country.

You can see it on every hate night late night television show, the politicized awards programs that have turned into Trump-hating extravaganzas and on Twitter where out of touch, bubble-dwelling celebrity opinion leaders spread their poison to their millions of followers.

But has the sneering at real Americans ever been more perfectly summed up in a short time as it was during Maher’s “New Rules” segment?

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