WOW: Google Does Nothing With Name for Easter Holiday

Isn’t it amazing that Google changes for every tom, dick, and harry holiday known to man, except for Easter. The holiest of days in the Christian faith. His death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Here is what Google looked like today.

Here’s a few holiday screen shots of what Google has done for other Holidays.

Here’s what Google looked like for Christmas 2018.

Here is our friends at Google for Veterans Day 2013.

How about Earth Day?

How about Teachers Day, one I’ve never even heard of, but Google celebrated it.

But on Easter, the holiest day of the Christian faith, Google did nothing. That’s right, nothing. Just some food for thought when you wonder what Big Tech thinks about Christians not only around the world, but in America.

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You're a dumb fuck
You're a dumb fuck
3 years ago

I bet you enjoy sitting on cones and just spinning around while looking through the internet for things to be mad at. Maybe go outside and enjoy the weather, dipshit.