WOW: GoFundMe Cancels Fundraiser For ASU Students Who Were Viciously Attacked by BLM For Backing the Police

Last week you’ll remember there were a couple of students from Arizona State University who were attacked by a group of BLM supporters because one of them had a laptop that said “Police Lives Matter.”

This of course set off the triggered liberal idiot sticks, who claimed that all police are racist, and they proceeded to yell, scream, and slander the two students who held their ground.

In response, the popular Twitter page “Libs of TikTok” started a GoFundMe in support of the students and the ultra-liberal company took the fundraiser down…showing that they will NOT support any white student who is being harassed by students of color:

In case you missed the original video of what happened, here it is.

No conservative should ever create or use Go Fund Me ever again. They have shown time and time again that they hate Christians and Conservatives.

Thanks to our friends at Trending Politics for contributing to this article.

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1 year ago

If they restart it on GiveSendGo I will donate.

1 year ago

Why doesn’t this article include the obvious alternative of using instead of gofundme? I’m tired of the whining without the solution.

W J Green
1 year ago

I will never again contribute another dollar to any GoFundMe campaign. But I will exuberantly embrace the Police Lives Matter mantra & wear it proudly.