WOW! FBI’s McCabe Leaked Intel About Seth Rich, New Lawsuit Says

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of Dallas business mogul Ed Butowsky fires shots back at the deep state today.

In the new lawsuit Butowsky claims that Pulitzer Prize winning author Seymour Hersh told him intelligence information about the Seth Rich Murder.

Now that has been amplified as Butowsky now says Hersh’s source was none other than for Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe!

In the audio which can be found by searching Hersh right here at The DC Patriot he goes into vivid detail about Seth Rich being the Wikileaks source.

Butowsky now claims in a separate phone call that Hersh told him that Andrew McCabe was indeed his source.

When you listen to the original audio, Hersh claims that he has a guy at the FBI and his information is solid.

This is yet another massive development in the Fake Russian Hacking Story perpetrated by the Democrats.

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Dale Holmgren

Ed Butowsky is right, and if we can get some people to testify, this will be THE MOST EXPLOSIVE STORY OF THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY. I hope his lawsuit is successful.

ducky (@duckyack)

This guy is full of his own ego regarding Seth Rich’s death and the capability of the NSA.

Southern Son
Southern Son

What was once in the Dark, will be brought into the Light.
Good vs. Evil.
Evil loses.


Where can you go to hear the entire conversation?


[…] I våras lämnade affärsmannen (tillika donator till Republikanerna) Ed Butowsky in en stämningsansökan för att genom den rättsliga prövningen få fakta verifierat om mordet på Seth Rich, och han har även i dagarna avslöjat att Isokoff fått information som journalisten valt att bortse från. Journalisten Seymour Hersh talat med Julian Assange som förklarat vad som hände, samt en insider-källa hos FBI. Detta finns i följande ljudklipp [LÄNK] från 2017. (Varning för vulgärt språkbruk!). Enligt sajten The DC Patriot har man nu namngett källan hos FBI. [LÄNK] […]

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