WOW: FBI ‘Loses’ Notes from Strzok Meeting on Clinton Emails & Servers (VIDEO)

This is more disturbing news out of the FBI this weekend. According to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the FBI has lost multiple witness interviews in regards to the Clinton servers and emails.

According to Fitton, “4 FBI witness interview reports are “missing”, along with the notes of a meeting between the FBI and the intelligence community about Hilary Clinton’s email server.”

Wait, what? So the FBI has lost four witness interview reports or says they are “Missing” along with the notes from the Intelligence Community about Hillary Clinton’s email server? Why am I not shocked?

“How does the FBI ‘lose’ key interview notes? It’s either a cover-up or the investigation was a joke,” Fitton said.

So to make a long story short America, the FBI has lost the notes from the 2015 interviews that show Fired FBI Agent and dirty cop Peter Strzok oversaw the Hillary Clinton email and server investigation.

Nothing to see here America, move along. This is all perfectly normal if you ask the Democrats or fellow swamp creatures.

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