In Germany, in the small  town of Gross-Gerau,you don’t go to the drive-through for a burger and fries. You go to get tested for the novel coronavirus.

Similar drive-through testing sites have sprung up in other German hospitals in recent days, as well as in South Korea, the United States and Britain.

These mobile tests are designed to a very minimum exposure to medical staff and patients.  “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary solutions,” doctor Roxana Sauer, a medical director at Gross-Gerau District Hospital, told AFP.

People can call ahead of time requesting the test and talk to a physician to determine if they need a test.  If so, the person is then assigned a time slot and asked to park outside a side entrance of the hospital, where they are met by a doctor clad head to toe in protective gear.  The doctor will swab the potential patient in the mouth or nostril and their sample is sent to a lab which returns the result within 24 hours, of which the person is notified by phone.

For additional information visit our friends at AFP.

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