WOW! Disturbing Video Shows Women’s Abduction (VIDEO)

This is hard to watch, and quite frightening I’m afraid. All women need to see this, because it can happen this quickly.

Miami Police reached out for tips across the nation when this video first surfaced.

Calling the video “disturbing,” Miami police Cmdr. Freddie Cruz said the woman was taken by force from inside a store Friday night.

In the video, the unidentified woman is seen walking into the store, and a short time later, an unknown man pulls up in a white vehicle. The video then cuts to the man forcing the woman into the vehicle, described as a newer model Nissan Altima.

The woman reportedly told witnesses, “Call 911″ and “He’s going to kill me,” according to CNN.

“We don’t know the whereabouts of this young lady. We don’t know if she’s hurt,” Cruz said in a Facebook Live video. “This is someone’s daughter, this is someone’s sister, someone’s family member. We need to apprehend this individual. We need to bring this young lady back home to safety.”

Officer Cruz addresses the Nation on Facebook LIVE for help

UPDATE: The Woman has been found alive and well per police

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