WOW: Democrat Al Green ‘If We Don’t Impeach This President, He Will Get Re-Elected (VIDEO)

Democrat Al Green doesn’t do much for his embattled Houston neighborhoods, but he has came in a close second to screaming Impeach 45 right behind Maxine Waters.

Today was no different as he took to the airwaves to say that his colleagues must impeach the President.

“I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this President, he will get re-elected.”

Wait a minute Al? So you’re saying that you are literally trying to impede the vote of the American people? That’s what is sure sounds like. You just stated that if you don’t impeach President Trump, the people will re-elect him.

So in essence, Al Green is admitting that the people love Trump! You just can’t make this stuff up America.

That’s exactly what the Democrats are doing as this Twitter user stated. They’re trying to change the rules to make it fit what they want to hear.

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3 years ago

Impeaching a president is so easy… a caveman can do it.