WOW: Cuomo Attorneys Continue Attacks Against the Credibility of Female Accusers

The personal lawyer of Andrew Cuomo Rita Glavin told reporters that the five-month investigation was choreographed to supported a “predetermined narrative.”

In a late Friday afternoon press conference, lawyers representing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Executive Chamber criticized how the state Attorney General’s office handled the release of a 165-page report that supported claims of sexual harassment against him.

Cuomo has now faced calls for his resignation from members of the liberal media, as well as President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“I know the difference between putting a case together against a target versus doing independent fact-finding with an open mind,” said Glavin, a former federal attorney. “And there has been no open-minded fact-finding in this case.

Glavin singled out two of the 11 women who came forward with allegations against the governor, including Lindsey Boylan, the first to allege harassment with statements online in December and February.

According to Glavin, Boylan did not leave the administration because of a toxic work environment, Instead she insisted that she voluntarily resigned after being confronted with complaints against her in the administration. A few days later she tried to get her position back, but rebuffed.

The report that was released on Tuesday found that Boylan posted a tweet late last year calling Cuomo an abuser. The Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa sought a copy of Boylan’s file. Days later, after Boylan tweeted that Cuomo had harassed her, the file was sent to select reporters along with a statement dismissing her claims to have no truth to them.

A half-hour after Friday’s news conference ended, Boylan took to Twitter again, posting: “We will not be intimidated.”

Glavin also went after an unnamed assistant who claimed Cuomo groped her in the Executive Mansion. The Governor’s attorney said the timeline the woman gave the Albany Times-Union in her account did not mesh with state records.

One example given, Glavin said that instead of being hastily called to fix Cuomo’s phone, she was actually there for several hours on the date in question last November.

The assistant claimed that Cuomo went under her blouse and grabbed her breast as they took a selfie. The report also stated that the assistant was not planning to come forward until she heard the governor months later deny ever inappropriately touching anyone.

Earlier Friday, the New York Post reported that the assistant filed a complaint against Cuomo with the Albany County Sheriff. Sheriff Craig Apple told the newspaper that the governor could be arrested based on his office’s investigation.

The assistant claimed she was shaking during and after the encounter, Glavin said other information refutes that.

“She wasn’t just working with the governor. She was working with other staffers,” Glavin said. “Emails that she sent while she was at the mansion reflect that she was joking while she was there. She was eating snacks, and she even offered to stay longer at the mansion when her work was done.”

Cuomo’s attorneys comments were met with criticism from social media.

“Cuomo’s legal team chooses the gutter route and continues to smear the victims,” tweeted U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-New York.

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