WOW: Costco Revokes Membership of Woman Who Refused to Wear Mask in Stores

Well here we go again. Costo is now revoking the membership of those who refuse to wear masks in their stores. A Texas woman who refused to wear a facial condom while shopping is now having her membership revoked by the company.

Angela Sladovnik posted on social media that she had shopped at Costco much of last year without wearing a face diaper, and toward the end of 2020 she was approached by two managers who insisted that she cover her face.

“I responded that I had a medical exemption,” she wrote on my Facebook page. “They said they didn’t care.”

“They handed me a face shield and said wear it or leave,” she wrote. “I put the shield on.”

Just a few weeks ago she noticed a number of customers int he store shopping without earring the comfort blankets. When she inquired, the customers all told her that they had medical conditions that wouldn’t allow them to wear the masks.

“So, I took mine off,” She said.

She later received a letter and a refund check from Costco which she posted on social media.

“We acknowledge that you are opposed to our requirement, we understand your position, and we are sorry you disagree with our policy,” one of the Costco brown shirts wrote. “We do, however, require each member to abide by our policies and regret having to cancel your membership over our face covering requirement.”

Costco as you know has the right to require the masks, they are a private company and can make whatever policies they like.

“Do you think you’re still living in a free country,” Ms. Sladovnik wrote on my Facebook page. “Think again. What’s next? Every time you wear a mask and comply…you are giving up your God given rights and your freedoms.”

“If this continues, next will be, no vaccine equals no entrance, no groceries, no travel, no rights,” she wrote.

What are your thoughts America? Is this ridiculous or what?

Thanks to my good friend Todd Starnes for contributing to this article.

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