WOW: CNN Reporter Arrested While Live on Camera In Minneapolis (VIDEO)

On Friday morning, CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez was arrested while reporting on the riots taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jimenez was reporting on the riots that broke out after the death of George Floyd, a 46 year old black man who was wrongfully murdered by a police officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck until he died.

Shortly before being arrested, Jimenez said that the police were starting “to secure the area to ensure that people don’t come back.” Police could be seen in the background apprehending a protester however they quickly changed paths and soon surrounded Jimenez.

The Daily Caller reported:

Jimenez and the crew were released later Friday morning, CNN reported.

During the arrest video, the CNN correspondent can be heard explaining to the cops that they were told to stand there, were from the network and were in the middle of a live television report. He told the cops that the crew “could move back to” wherever they wanted and reiterated multiple times that they would all get out of the cops way.

“You’re under arrest, sir,” a cop is then heard saying as the camera swivels to show Jimenez being placed in handcuffs. The CNN correspondent asked why he was under arrest and was then led away. The camera crew was then also placed under arrest and the camera was left behind.

“I have never seen anything like this,” said a CNN anchor in the studio as the arrest took place.


These were never peaceful protests, these were thugs who were looking to do criminal things like loot and destroy property.

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Phyuck Yu
Phyuck Yu
2 years ago

Matt Couch is a sad little white supremacist little boy. Something tells me if he keeps lying about stuff, particularly better men who wiped out a cop who stole and destroyed property, there could be repercussions. Since the fat little dummy posts pictures of the future trailer park stripper he’s raising, it could put both of them in harms way. Make sure if you do it, sneak up from behind on the ambush I say. 2 less trashy racists would make the world a better place