WOW: Beto Says He Will Punish ICE Agents for Enforcing Laws if Elected (VIDEO)

“Without accountability you won’t have justice, without justice you will not have rule of law in this country.” Beto rambled at the “She the People” convention. Yes, that’s actually a thing.

“There has to be consequences for people who rejected asylum seekers who were lawfully trying to present themselves at our international ports of entry.”

So here we have yet another Democratic candidate that care more for illegal immigrants and NON U.S. citizens than he does actual Americans.

The Democratic candidate also mentioned putting children and people in cages. He did however fail to admit that policy started under the Obama Administration, not the Trump administration.

When will the Democratic party care about the hundreds of thousands homeless Americans? When will they care about the near 50,000 homeless Veterans in America? When will they actually just simply care about America?

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