Woman Slashes Man’s Tires Over MAGA Hat

There is no shortage of the left’s aggression and anger against Trump supporters, this story is no different.

A new report coming from Phoenix, AZ shows an 18 year old woman who told authorities that the reason she slashed the tires on a man’s SUV when she spotted his “Make America Great Again” MAGA hat inside the truck.

Phoenix Police Department spokesman Sgt. Vincent Lewis told the Arizona Republic on Wednesday that the woman said she slashed the vehicle’s tire “because she saw a hat with a political message inside the vehicle which she disagreed with.”

The owner of the vehicle, Nick Dugas, discovered his tire was slashed after he drove away from the Paradise Valley Mall parking lot.

Dugas, who works as a retail security manager, checked the surveillance footage of the parking lot to find four women reportedly peering into his SUV to look at the Trump campaign-issued red cap sitting on the console.

Several minutes later, the women returned to their car before the driver and a woman in the front passenger seat exited the vehicle. The front passenger surveyed the parking lot while the driver crouched down next to Dugas’s vehicle, according to the surveillance footage.

The footage reportedly showed the SUV drop down on its left side shortly before the women in the video fled the scene.

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