Woman Accused of Using a Sex Toy to Make Tortillas She Was Selling Insists It’s a ‘Vibrating Rolling Pin’

A seemingly innocuous post by a woman selling her homemade tortillas online has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.  

The chef named Peggy, from San Antonio, Texas, advertised her produce on a Facebook marketplace for $15, when people began to question her choice of rolling pin. 

As the post began circulating online, commenters almost unanimously agreed that the purple device on the side of the her workspace was almost certainly a sex toy.

However, in a text exchange with a prospective buyer, Peggy insisted that the item was actually a vibrating rolling pin – a kitchen gadget not believed to exist. 

‘You been rolling them with a dildo,’ a concerned person wrote.  

But Peggy was quick to insist that it was merely a vibrating rolling pin. 

But the interested party did not buy it, and replied: ‘Why does your picture have a dildo then?’ 

The woman originally shared a picture of her produce strewn across a prep area with the purple object, which appears to have ‘Durex’ printed on it, sitting on the side with bits of flour on it. 

You can read more from our friends over at The Daily Mail.

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