“Woke” Las Vegas Vice Principal Steals and Damages Student’s MAGA Hat

In the world of “woke” schools, none might be worse than Shadow Ridge High School in Las Vegas. Keep it mind, this is the same school that let a thousand kids go without eating a few weeks ago, because administrators were more worried about “social distancing” and they never let them through the line that day to get lunch. I had heard from parents that while school allows rainbows, pride gear, and even a student to be “walked” around like a dog on a chain at school…anyone wearing American flag or patriotic gear will be harassed by administrators. Face masks featuring American flags will asked to be removed and generic ones given in their place. Vice Principal Jimmie Gilmore went as far this week, as to remove a student’s MAGA hat from his back pack and purposely roll it up to damage it, video testimony below:

Good on that kid for standing up for his constitutional rights against his biased and hateful administrators. Speaking of Vice Principal Jimmie Lee Gilmore:

If you’re wondering what Jimmie’s problem is, it’s that he’s “woke.” Clearly what’s wrong with this country is the police, and not criminals or instilling self respect or anything into our children. This is the kind of racist fear propaganda you can find on his Facebook page and what he’s likely teaching to student’s at Shadow Ridge High…..

You can tell little Jimmie Gilmore what you think about that here: gilmojl1@nv.ccsd.net

When administrators aren’t letting kids starve or destroying their personal property, they’re allowing all out brawls like this one below also from earlier this week:

It’s not that the parents of these students don’t care and haven’t taken it up with the school board…it’s that the school board keeps walking out and refusing to listen to them. Three times at the last CCSD meeting, board members walked out rather than listen to parents concerned over the constant testing, mandated masks, and talks of forced vaccinations on their children. One woman was even arrested for “talking” last time:

Via: 360 News Las Vegas

Their concerns are very real, Governor Sisolak sent out communist-style propaganda posters to be displayed last week encouraging draconian mandates and submission for a virus that barely even affects children:

Despite the fact that a super majority of parents at every meeting are against these measures, the school board seems determined to whatever it wants anyway, which is the same with ALL government officials in the county. Two weeks ago despite 2-3 hours of public opinion railing Clark County commissioners against mandates and forced vaccinations, it was caught on video that at least one commissioner Tick Segerblum (a self admitted socialist) was going to do whatever the hell he wanted anyway. Now the school board is talking about doing away with public comments at these meetings all together, to avoid listening to voters and parents. This is not what people who care about children do.

The next meeting (and they’ve changed this twice already) is set for Sept 1, 2021 at 1:00 Clark County Government Center Commision Chambers, 500 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89155. You can find the agenda “here” and a flier and the contact info of the board below to share:

Clark County School Board contact form: https://www.ccsd.net/trustees/contact/all Phone: 702-799-1072 Mail: Administrative Center
5100 W. Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Here’s all their office contacts: http://ccsd.net/trustees/details/G

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1 year ago

That good ol VP there destroying a students property that calls for pressing charges for assult. + he might need to be investigated.. Allowing children in the name of “gay pride” parade around like sex slaves.. As one student has a leach and chain around neck while another student holds the chain.. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. AND DISTRACTS THE CHILDREN FROM EDU PURPOSES!!!!!!! WHERE ARE THESE PARENTS!?!?!?!?!

1 year ago

The more the parents allow it to continue, the worse it will get. I’m a peaceful person and hate confrontation, but doing harm to my kids is enough to make me stand up and prevent it. Where are the rest of the parents??


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