WOKE: Arkansas School District Pulls Football Teams Picture with American & Back the Blue Flags in Remembrance of 9/11 off Facebook Page

It’s with a shaking head that I have to write this article of an Arkansas school district who has removed a photograph of their football team running onto the field on Friday night September 10.

The photo in question you ask? It’s this picture of the Rogers Mounties football team from Rogers, Arkansas running out with the American flag and the ‘Back the Blue’ flag supporting law enforcement.

That’s right folks, the liberal students were “triggered” because they claimed there was no flag to represent the firefighters from that day, so they demanded the photograph be removed from the schools Facebook page. And get this, the school caved and the liberal and radical woke students won out?

But there’s a backstory here, there always is. The young man carrying the ‘back the blue’ flag actually borrowed that flag from the Rogers Police Department. He also went to the Rogers Fire Department to borrow one, but the Fire Department didn’t own one. Yet that doesn’t matter to the woke crowd who consistently is taught by liberal teachers and teachers unions who back them to grow up hating America and everything this great nation stands for.

I take this one personally, as do dozens I’ve talked to who graduated from Rogers High School, just as I did. It’s disrespectful, it’s sickening, and the fact that a school district is caving to children with ZERO life experiences is absolutely ridiculous.

Let’s be honest folks, this has nothing to do with anything other than the liberal students being indoctrinated by the leftist teachers in our schools day in and day out wanting this picture removed. They don’t care about either of these flags being carried out by these young men. They don’t care about the worst terrorist attack in our nations history. They don’t care about the near 3,000 lives lost, or the thousands lost in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting terrorism overseas. They only care about being woke, and going against the grain as they’ve been indoctrinated to do so.

This team should be PROUD by the way, they should be VERY PROUD of what they did on this night.

They went on to defeat Muskogee, Oklahoma 56-12 in a great win for the program. The coaches and student athletes should have their heads held high for having integrity, for doing the right thing, for honoring the fallen, and for standing for the greatest free nation on this earth.

The fact that the Rogers Public Schools caved to the woke mob is sad. This isn’t the same town I grew up in. I’m a 4th generation Rogers resident. My children are 5th generation Rogers residents. This isn’t what the people from Rogers, Arkansas want. Those that do, do not remember the amazing small town that Rogers used to be. The tight-knit community that loved their football teams, their neighbors, and their country.

You can contact the Rogers Public Schools at 479-636-3910. Or visit their website at www.rogersschools.net or email at info@rpsar.net

Rogers, Arkansas you must do better!

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1 year ago

Hmm interesting…did some research…the photo in posted is not online no new photos since 2020 but their Twitter site had more and a video of the game which shows the team coming out. However further checking…seems the only woke folk shown is the Sr quarterback and one of the game announcers. This is clearly am infringement of first amendment rights. If some can kneel to honor their deceased the others can raise a flag to honor their dead…this Amdrica…Land of the free and home of the Brave…get some nerve and call it out…