Woke Americans Pull 1.2% of Russian Vodka Imported from Shelves and Bars to Stop Putin (This Isn’t Satire)

That’s right, the woke crowd is yet again thinking they are making a difference and stopping Vlad the Impaler Putin himself by boycotting Russian vodka. You can’t make up this level off stupid, it only happens in America.

That’s right, 1.2% of vodka on American shelves comes from Russia, so the woke brigade of liberals and conservatives have taken to social media to let you know they won’t allow it on their shelves or in their bars any longer. That should totally stop the Russians in their tracks, just like those pesky sanctions did.

Not to be outdone, Canada who’s still arresting their own citizens for protesting has joined the United States on the Russian vodka ban. We have no clue how much vodka Canada gets from Russia, and for the sake of this article we didn’t research it because we’ve already cared too much about this nonsensical woke story.

In Ontario, Canada, Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy directed the provincial Liquor Control Board to have stores remove Russian vodka and other alcoholic products, according to the Canadian Press. 

“Ontario joins Canada’s allies in condemning the Russian government’s act of aggression against the Ukrainian people and we strongly support the federal government’s efforts to sanction the Russian government,” Bethlenfalvy said. “We will continue to be there for the Ukrainian people during this extremely difficult time.”

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation removed Russian products from its shelves and website because of the “terrible events taking place.” 

In the U.S., the Jacob Liquor Exchange in Wichita, Kansas, decided to remove its more than 100 bottles of Russian vodka from the shelves and poured some of it on the ground. 

“I think the whole world knows by now that Russia’s at war with Ukraine for no apparent reason,” Jamie Stratton, wine director and partner of the store, told KSNW-TV in Wichita. “I guess this is our sanction … and this may be small, but every small thing makes a difference.”

That’ll stop the Rooskies… Pouring out Vodka you’ve already paid for in a nation that already has empty shelves in most places because of supply chain and Covid mandates. Good Call!

In Oregon, the owner of a bar in Bend filmed himself pouring out all of his Russian vodka, according to FOX 12 of Portland. 

“Russia is acting as though it’s 1939 and going into Europe with a full force that they have in the Ukraine,” Bill McCormick, owner of Pine Tavern, told the station. “I am so concerned about it metastasizing into other countries.” 

Thanks to our friends at Fox News for contributing to this pile of woke bullshit.

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