WINNING: Texans Older Than 21 No Longer Need Permits to Carry a Firearm

A big win for the 2nd Amendment and Texans as it’s official a law, you no longer need a permit to carry a firearm in the Great State of Texas!

The new law went into effect on September 1, which gives adults 21 and over the right to openly carry a firearm without a permit or training as long as they are not prohibited from doing so by state or federal law.

House Bill 1927, which was being touted as “permitless carry” law, was passed by the legislature earlier this year and then signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott over the summer.

The law also eased up on restrictions on Texans who were once required to attend training, pass an exam, and also pass a criminal background check in order to obtain a permit.

Liberal Plano Police Chief Ed Drain says he’s concerned about how permitless carry will affect the future of policing in Texas and described concerns about untrained citizens not being properly trained to handle a gun.

“We train our officers very well on how to handle those situations,” said Drain. “Most of our officers are going to assume that people are armed.”

Keep in mind, Drain is the same head of Plano Police that allowed Black Lives Matter to block freeways and assault a man who stood up to those who were armed and blocking roads. That man was later arrested by Plano police over defending himself, and attorney general Ken Paxton later took away his nonsensical sentence. Drain is no fan or friend of the second amendment.

“As a peace officer, I’m entitled to carry a firearm on duty and off duty. Most peace officers, sheriffs, police officers, that I know, support the right of Texas residents to be able to do that as well,” Drain said. “But with that right comes responsibility.”

Despite the constitutional carry law, there are still places, such as federal buildings and schools, where citizens are not permitted to bring guns. The police will also continue to have the authority to take guns from those who they believe are in an unstable situation.

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