WINNING! Despite Being Outspent Five to One, Cruz Wins Texas Convincingly over O’Rourke

Despite being out cashed five to one, Ted Cruz held onto his Senate seat in the great state of Texas last night. Beto O’Rourke, a George Soros backed candidate from the Democrats pulled out all of the stops, and still came up short.

O’Rourke spent nearly $70 Million dollars on his campaign, and still lost. Now O’Rourke is being investigated for FEC Finance violations as were announced on October 1st. His campaign has 45 days to respond to the FEC.

Cruz took everything the Democratic Party and Soros backed O’Rourke had, and still won this convincingly. The Democrats are trying to influence elections in states that they know they can’t win, it’s becoming apparently obvious. Why you might ask? Because President Trump and is waking up The American people one day at a time. More jobs, more winning, more success, and it’s invigorating.

That’s the kind of momentum and success that the left just can’t have. They must stop Americans being able to support themselves, think for themselves, and live for themselves. Democrats control the people by keeping them dependent on government. President Trump and Senator Cruz are working to empower Americans in not only Texas, but across the country. So far, it’s working! #MAGA

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