Even with the impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump has more voters thinking he would win the 2020 general election over an unnamed Democratic nominee, according to a new poll from Suffolk University/USA Today.

Forty-one percent of voters said they would back the president compared to thirty-nine percent would vote for whoever gets the Democratic Party nomination. Ten percent of voters said they would support a third party candidate.

The poll also showed that Trump had actually increased his support from a similar poll conducted in August where he was trailing by two percent than.

Trump and his following are extremely confident that he will be re-elected as 86 percent of those polled predicted a victory for Trump.

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1 year ago

I Hope Pray and will VOTE away!!! This country has gone to Hell with him at the helm. It’s been a most enjoyable ride, Republicans have destroyed all of their credibility. A bunch of cult followers, blindly following, but DJT cares only for himself. Loved the look on his face when he realized that LOCK HIM UP instead of heil Trump was being shouted at in DC. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. If you can’t eat what you dish out, than maybe think before you speak. I’m sure the UFC fans will be much… Read more »

1 year ago

It’s not a case of whether Trump wins or not.

It’s a case of BY HOW MUCH OF A MARGIN will he win by?

And brainwashed buffoons like Lev above me are the reason he will win big.

Get your kleenex ready, Lev.

You’re going to need it.