‘Why Won’t You Answer?’: Ron Johnson Grills FBI’s Christopher Wray Over Michael Sussmann Indictment (VIDEO)

Senator Ron Johnson UNLOADS on FBI Director Christopher Wray, and puts him in a corner multiple times in his grilling of the FBI’s top man.

Johnson: “Director Wray have you read the Michael Sussmann indictment?”

Wray: “I’ve had a chance to glance at it, but I haven’t had a chance to read through it.”

Johnson: “I would suggest that you and everybody else read that. Because it really does lay out what happened to create this political turmoil for two, three, four years, really during the entire Trump Administration. It lays out how the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for through Michael Sussmann completely false allegations that Trump was cooperating with the Alpha bank. Planted that story, had an audience with James Baker of the FBI so the FBI would open up an investigation so they could report that in the news.”

Wray claims that he had never met Sussmann. Do you believe him?

“So either the FBI was completely clueless or corrupt, that they didn’t check in to see if Michael Sussmann might have been working for the Hillary Clinton Campaign before they opened up the investigation to leak to the press that put this nation for three, four years of political turmoil. There needs to be a political accountability. I hope John Durham has a whole lot more, because I got virtually nothing out of you via subpoenas.”

Watch the insane grilling below!


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